Bendigo Singles

The website for the
Bendigo Singles 50+ Dinner Group which meets each Tuesday night at one of the  pubs, clubs or  restaurants around Bendigo.

       A  partner or  just  new  friends ?

We are a group of singles aged  50 to 75 who meet in a relaxed atmosphere for a meal, a drink, and a chat. We realize it takes courage to meet a bunch of strangers but we will make you feel welcome whether you come alone or bring a friend with you.  
We meet in public places (hotel lounges, clubs and restaurants) where you are perfectly safe.

   Our singles live around Bendigo and want to meet other singles for
 friendship or possibly a lasting relationship.
 We are a group of people rather than a club. Our group has been going for over 15 years and only exists because of the enthusiasm of those attending.  

There are  
NO MEMBERSHIP FEES  and our advertising is funded only by a $2 collection from each participant each Tuesday night.

Whether you are looking for that
special someone or just want to
widen your social circle please
contact me  to find a date and a
venue where you can meet our 
group. Once you have met us
you will be given a list of our
venues for up to 2 months and
you are welcome to join us as  frequently or infrequently as
you desire.

For all enquiries.

Please call  Ray on  (03) 5446 1817

or send email enquiries to :

I must stress that we will  endeavor to make you feel
welcome and that you are welcome to come back to

any of our Tuesday gatherings any time it suits you.

 Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime with
questions, observations and suggestions as to how
we can encourage more 50+ singles to come to our
gatherings .

Below are photos of some of the venues we use around Bendigo.
 If you click on the middle of any photo it will enlarge!!


TUESDAYS :  Meet for dinner about 6pm at scheduled venue.

25th July   Foundary  Hotel             366  High  Street             Bendigo

  1st Aug    Tysons  Reef  Hotel       2  Weeroona  Ave           Bendigo
 8th Aug    Queens  Arms  Hotel    25  Russell  Street           Bendigo
15th Aug    Cambrian  Hotel           200  Arnold  Street          Bendigo
22nd Aug   One Tree Hill Hotel      169 Spring Gully Rd       Spring Gully
29th Aug    K'flat Sports Club         Dower Park, Station St   K'roo Flat

 5th Sept    The  Bridge  Hotel        49  Bridge  Street      Bendigo
12th Sept    The Bendigo  Club       22  Park  Street          Bendigo
19th Sept    Windermere  Hotel      112  High  Street        Kangaroo Flat 
26th Sept    The  R.S.L. Club            73  Havilah  Road      Bendigo
                                       WEEKEND  EVENTS 

        There  are no weekend events planned at the moment.           
 Weekend events are normally planned a couple of days or weeks before the event date.
Some of the group enjoy dancing and do organize nights at the R.S.L., Bendigo Club, Golden Vine, etc. when a band is playing at the venue.
If I do not have anything listed and you want to know if anything is planned give me a call on 5446 1817 or send an email to :  .                                                         


It's always great to meet new people and make new friends  - Glen


Why sit at home alone ? Come and meet other single people  - Judy


Whether you are looking for that special someone or just want to make friends, please give our group a go.  - Ray


I like the different mix of careers and lifestyles of the people you dine with  - Bernard
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